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ISOLEARN - Innovative and Social Learning for HEI

Erasmus Plus - Strategic Partnership - a European Commission Funding Programme

ISOLearn - Innovation and Social Learning in HEI

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Final Event

Final Conference and Final Meeting: 21-23/09/2016 - Lisbon (Portugal)
ISOLearn Final Conference
Live Streaming
Starting 22/09/2016 - 10.00am Portuguese Time

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Through our Twitter account we will recommend specific news, information and stories related to ISOLearn activities. You can find a weekly newsmagazine about accessibility and Higher Education in our Resources page, and the list of our recommended stories on our Twitter account.


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ISOLearn - Activities and Results

O9 - Exploitation and Sustainability

Leader: Folkuniversitetet and Effebi Association

Implementation of the Sustainability Strategy previously defined.

• Define the Intellectual Property Agreement;
• Plan the Exploitation and Sustainability activities;
• Organize the Final Dissemination Conference.


Working documents are available in the cloud Partners Area, accessible only to project partners.
Final documents will be published in this area.

ISOLearn Exploitation and Sustainability Plan